The world is in man along with its history and its prehistory.

(Ernst Jünger)


The trace fossils of Archosaurs

Archosaurs were large prehistoric reptiles, ancestors of dinosaurs and crocodiles. If you want to discover how they walked, all you need to do is hike along the ancient route known as Via Valeriana to reach a place called Madonna del Disgiolo.

Once you arrive at the little church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, you go uphill towards the top of the mountain for about 50 meters and you become immersed in the earliest age of the dinosaurs. Indeed, on a 50m2 rock wall paleontologists discovered a good 70 fossilized footprints, which are aligned in such a way as to form 5 distinct trails – 5 walks taken by archosaurs millions of year ago.

These are the biggest and best-preserved footprints of their kind in all of Italy, and they have made it possible to identify the prehistoric inhabitants of Zone. These quadrupeds were anywhere from 2 to 6 meters long, with front feet smaller than their rear feet, resulting in relatively short steps. Each foot had five toes, and each toe had a claw.